Some answers to common questions:

What are hypnosis and sophrology?

Modern hypnosis was developed from the 1930’s onwards by Milton Erickson, an American psychiatrist who saw the unconscious as creative and solution-generating. He is also noted for influencing brief therapy.  Sophrology was created in the 1960’s by Alfonso Caycedo, a Columbian neuro-psychiatrist who united western hypnosis and relaxation techniques and eastern methods (yoga and meditation).

Both disciplines use modified states of consciousness, which enable people to access their true needs, ressources and solutions. A modified state of consciousness is a particular state of introspection, calm and yet alertness, a natural state which everyone experiences several times a day -before falling asleep or during the day when being intensely focused on something and losing track of time. In a session (face-to-face or with Skype), I guide you into this inner state with different sophrology or hypnosis techniques and use the protocols, visualisations and metaphors I consider best suited to your needs.


Who can benefit from hypnotherapy and sophrology?

Adults often think of consulting for themselves for their different issues, yet children and teenagers can also benefit from sessions, since the latter are fitted to their age and needs. I am used to working with children and teens.


What can sophrology and hypnotherapy be useful for?

Whatever the needs, from relaxation to therapeutic work, both disciplines can be of help.

More specifically, people use sophrology and hypnosis for the following purposes:

  • reduce stress
  • develop calm, concentration, creativity, self-confidence, decision-making …
  • prepare for an exam, a job interview or a surgery
  • be accompanied before and during pregnancy, as well as afterwards (be it to be helped through babyblues or to get some cocoon time)
  • help them cope with difficult times: moving places, changing jobs, dealing with a divorce, a loss, chronique fatigue or pain
  • help them sleep better, quit smoking, lose weight
  • etc.