intuitive writing – écriture intuitive

I write insights, which I find helpful, potent, benevolent, beautiful! I have decided to share some of the them here and I have also used them in my Insight Timer guided meditations (Inner Freedom, Acceptance, A Wake-up Call, Women and the New World…).

J’écris des textes en anglais ou en français (plutôt en anglais!) qui sont comme des guidances, des conseils bienveillants et porteurs. J’ai décidé d’en partager quelques-uns. Certains ont été utilisés pour des méditations guidées (douceur, liberté intérieure…) et vous pouvez les écouter sur Insight Timer.

Wishes for 2021

1st January 2021

Let it be a year of peace in your heart and your loved ones’ hearts.
Let it be a year of growth, of expansion in your ability to comprehend the world, your world, your heart, your energy and others’ .
Let it be a year of rejoicing and reunion.
Let it be a year of gratitude for every minute element of inner peace and love.
Let it be a year of hope for humanity and for the Earth and all its inhabitants.
Let it be a year of empowerment and personal sovereignty.
Let it be a year of discoveries and rebirths as well.
Let it be a year of remembrance of Oneness and sisterhood and brotherhood with all beings.
Let it be a year of self-expression of the uniqueness of each being’s divine essence.
Let it be a year of understanding and forgiving.
Let it be a year to shine your lights much farther than you thought possible.
Let it be a year of celebration of your lights in re-union with the source of divine light.
Let it be a year to embrace and encompass.
Let it be a year of communing and respecting, of peace and harmony in chaos.
Let it be a year when you realise your full potential and your full power.
Let it be just that and more, Dear One.
Those are our wishes for you and your loved ones.

A Wake-Up Call

1st April 2020

These uncertain times are bringing people together so they can remember what solidarity is, an essential component of human spirit.
No one is alone, separate and separated. Interconnectedness is what defines us. And of course I am not speaking only of the interconnectedness between human beings but between all forms of life on Earth, all that makes the fabric of life on Earth.
Humans have evolved to grow self-centred, greedy and lonely and they have forgotten how wonderfully connected they were to Life around them! These troubled times are a divinely-timed reminder of what humans are, a part of Life, a part of all living life on Earth. Not separate, not superior, not any different in any way. It is high time humansl remembered who they were.
And to do so, they need to go inside to discover their actual self, their actual heart, their actual strength. There is nothing more sad than a man or a woman who does not know himself or herself and goes about thinking he or she does!
And there is no other way than introspection to know oneself and honour oneself. There is no other way to remember.
Re-member everyone is like one member of one organism, a single organism.
Re-member the essence of being human.
Re-member the meaning of life.
There is nothing more sad than a man or a woman- or a child for that matter, who does not know what it is to be human and what it means to be human.
And so many of you walk around like zombies! Where is the sparkle of life? The sparkle of light? Where is the meaning of your lives?
There is no joy in such rapid, stressful, rhythms.
There is no joy in living in the fear of lacking, or dying.
There is no joy in the solitude inherent to modern life.
There is no joy in the slavery I see you in.
There is no joy.
These troubled times paradoxically bring joy back into your lives. The simplest things become precious again. The abundance had hidden the simple pleasures life offers! Scarcity makes everything so precious!
Breathing! Being able to move your body!A good meal! Laughing! Sharing! Playing! Dancing! Reading! Do you want me to continue the list forever? I could.
Humanity is at a turning point. Will it turn away from its innate wisdom and revert back to old selfish, destructive habits or will it make the changes that are expected, required, necessary?
Will humanity embrace its capacity for creation, solidarity, respect of life in all its forms, or will it fail once again at grasping its responsability and its choice?
There is no turning back. There is no denying the suffering of millions, billions of poor, sick, hungry and the exploitation of human beings, animals and land alike for a few privileged ones. The Earth needs a complete change in the way it is approached and dealt with. The Earth needs your love and respect. Words are no longer enough, which is why disasters happen. Action is required by every individual.
And that action mostly consists in looking within you -inside.
Who are you, at heart? What is your desire? What kind of awakened life do you want to live? What is your connexion to other beings? What is your role? What is your responsability? What is your choice?
It all boils down to choice and inner freedom. Who do you choose to incarnate? Who do you remember you truly are? What is your purpose on this planet?

L’instant présent (journal personnel)

Mardi 25 février 2020
Il est important que tu te remettes aussi souvent que possible dans l’instant présent. Non seulement parce que c’est le seul qui existe mais aussi parce que c’est le seul qui t’évite de faire des projections. Plus tu te projettes, plus tu souffres. Ton imagination et ta tendance naturelle à repartir en boucle dans ta tête ne peuvent que te rendre malheureuse. Notre conseil est donc que tu te focalises sur le présent. C’est ton apprentissage et il est essentiel pour te protéger de tes émotions envahissantes.
Si les choses se passent différemment de ce que tu prévoies, ce qui est possible, c’est qu’il devait en être ainsi et pas autrement. Cela ne veut pas dire que tu aies toi-même fait des projections mais que l’Univers a choisi un sentier différent. Tout est constamment en mouvement et l’Univers se réorganise constamment.
Tu as simplement à profiter de ces moments passés et à déloger les tentatives de projections de ton esprit dès qu’elles se manifestent.
Dans l’observation résident le détachement, le discernement, la sérénité et la force. Ne te laisse pas ballotter par tes pensées. Rappelle-toi que tu n’as pas de prise sur la réalité mais sur ta perception de la réalité. Un des principes de la sophrologie est le principe de réalité objective et il est temps pour toi de t’attacher à le mettre en place. Nous sommes ĺà pour t’accompagner, maintenant comme toujours. Ressens la paix et l’amour que nous te transmettons et retrouve la paix de ton âme.